Pandanan Reef

Pandanan island Dive PandananPandanan Island Resortused to be home to a small lodge for several years and it‘s reefs are in excellent condition. While turtles can be seen in numbers other frequent sights include blue ribbon eels, moray eels, barracudas, lobster, large coral trout and snappers. Knowing where to look is the mean of finding the rare mandarin fish that are common here, especially in the late afternoon. Off the steep slopes eagle rays are sighted often while dolphin, marlin and sailfish are sometimes seen just meters away from the boat. At the southern end of the island a shallow reef that connects to the nearby Island of Timba- Timba is great to look for rare marine life that includes large cuttlefish, frog fish, crab, sea snakes and sometimes nurse sharks hiding under table coral. It takes approximately 50min to reach Pandanan Island from Semporna.