Roach Reef

Roach Reef is the home of a resort by the same name. Roach Reefs Resort - Dive Sipadan!Roach Reefs Resort - Dive Sipadan!The entire reef being private property of an avid diver himself has led to protection of the reef' fauna and flora for many years. As such the number of fish is exceptional and due to it‘s location right at the edge of the Borneo shelf pelagic like manta rays, eagle rays, giant trevally and various kinds of reef sharks can be spotted here. There are also 2 small wrecks at 18m and 26m respectively that have proven to be a magnet for marine life of all kind. Especially photographers will like Roach Reef for its many photo opportunities which include lionfish, scorpion fish, stonefish, leaf fish, moray eels, many different kinds of gobies, jawfish, nudibranches, octopus, etc. Due to its distance from Semporna, app. 1h30min away, we seldom conduct day trips to Roach Reef but have made it a standard overnight destination for our dive safari instead. Our dive safari is a 3D/2N trip for groups of 6-8 experienced divers that includes 3 dives at Sipadan with the remaining dives at Mabul and Roach Reefs.