Si Amil Island

Si-AmilSiAmil Island - another gem to be discovered!SiAmil - wreck and reef dives is located south of Boheyan and more than an hour by speed boat from Semporna. It is the only island with a steep hill covered in rainforest that is home to a large group of moneys. Landing on the main beach the left over of a Japanese fish factory that was built as a cover for surveillance activities prior to WW2 can be seen. Right in front of the main beach there is the wreck of an old vessel that was used by the Japanese during the war with the boiler being the main point of interest. At the east side of the island, where the ocean floor drops into the several hundred meter deep Alice Channel, the dive sites offer excellent visibility with colorful sea fans and hard coral domination the landscape. At night bamboo sharks are seen in numbers, but even in day time shark sightings are common as well as schooling rainbow runner and rays.