Yoshie Reef

Yoshie ReefYoshie Reef - Mabul!An exciting deep dive! is Located app 40min from Semporna and 10min from Mabul Yoshie Reef is the point where a long reef that runs along the edge of the Borneo shelf turns into the outer reaches of the Semporna channel. Here some of the very best coral hard and soft coral formations can be found in water as shallow as 5m. At the end of a first slope at 20m a white sandy plateau is reached teeming with garden eels. After crossing the plateau which is some 30m wide a wall is reached which drops from 25m to a depth of 40m-50m. Diving along this wall in blue water blue triggerfish and banner fish are abounded while manta rays are frequent sights further off the wall. At the bottom of the wall sharks can sometimes be spotted on patrol while giant black blotched stingrays can often be seen looking for octopus at the top end of the wall when crossing the plateau back to the shallow slope. This is an excellent dive site but due to it‘s exposure to the open sea diving there is only possible on calm days.